Arrest warrant issued for young couple in Usman Mirza case

Arrest warrant issued for young couple in Usman Mirza case

In Sessions Court Islamabad, a case involving assault against a young couple was heard. Usman Mirza, the primary accused, and others appeared in court.

The victim couple did not attend in court, which infuriated the judge. An arrest warrant will be issued for the pair, according to Judge Sessions Court Islamabad. As a result, the victims have been served with a non-bailable arrest warrant.

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The court also ordered the SSP operation to produce the impacted couple. In response, the victims’ lawyer claimed that they are out of town and will require three hours to go to court. The court then deferred the case to January 19th, 2022.

Previously, great progress had been achieved in the E-11 (Islamabad) domestic abuse case involving a young couple. Following a meeting presided over by the Federal Law Minister, the Federal Government has decided to pursue the Usman Mirza issue on its own. The group discussed how perpetrators of such acts should be punished in accordance with the law.

Furthermore, Maleeka Ali Bokhari, a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly, has stated that the state will pursue the case based on the victim girl’s statement because there is ‘undeniable’ video and forensic evidence on record.

Fawad Chaudhry, the Federal Minister for Information, stated on the social networking website Twitter that the Usman Mirza, GT Road, and Shahrukh Jatoi cases are all challenges to the legal system. He went on to say that the question is why these instances are not handled on a regular basis and why they are viewed as generic cases.

According to Chaudhry, the prosecution and the court must fulfil their responsibilities to the state by bringing these cases to a logical conclusion. On the other side, a declaration from Hassan Javed, the couple’s initial lawyer in the lawsuit against Usman Mirza’s assault, has surfaced. Javed told a private channel that the victim boy and girl had no idea why they pursued the case, that they had been in contact with him till a day ago, but that they had stopped responding to my calls and that their phone numbers had been disconnected. He also mentioned that they had changed counsel.

It is worth noting that the young couple was stripped and tortured in Islamabad’s E-11 district by Usman Mirza and other suspects, although the victim girl strayed from her account. According to the most recent events, the pair has recanted their testimony in court and an affidavit has been filed. According to accounts, the victim claimed that the cops fabricated the entire incident. “I did not deliver the affidavit under any duress, did not identify any of the accused, and did not sign any paperwork,” the victim continued.

Arrest warrant issued for young couple in Usman Mirza case

Arrest warrant issued for young couple in Usman Mirza case

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