Argentine hospital guard speaks to an invisible patient in a viral video.

A "horrifying" video of a "ghost patient" in Argentina went viral on the internet.

A video is circulating on the internet in which a hospital guard has seven conversations with a ghost patient and instructs him to take him to the doctor’s room.

A terrifying incident occurred in Argentina when a ghostly patient came to a hospital days after his death and was interviewed by a guard.

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The viral footage shows a security guard getting up from his chair to greet the ghost at the reception before leading him into the doctor’s room. Only the guard is visible in the footage and the person he is talking to is not visible.

The guard’s gestures made him look horrified as he moved his right hand as if instructing someone. Another clip of the video shows the guard holding a wheelchair for an unseen patient.

Local media reported that the guard entered the name of a dead woman in the form.

However, the hospital administration said that there was some problem with the door and it opened 28 times in 10 hours.

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