Another Shocking Sad News For Sonu Sood

Another Shocking Sad News For Sonu Sood

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Recently Sonu Sood is again all over the news and every headline is about him currently. But unlike the first lockdown, this time Sonu Sood’s name is not doing round for a good reason. Well, recently the actor is doing round all over the news because of the Income Tax raid that has taken place at his properties. The income tax department has recently revealed that the well known Bollywood actor has evaded a hefty amount of income tax. As per the statements of officials of IT department, Sonu Sood has evaded a whopping amount of 20 crores of Income tax. The Income Tax department has stated that Sonu Sood has started a foundation last year, during the pandemic situation. The statements are revealing that Sonu Sood has gained more than 18 crores as donations in the bank account of the foundation. And what is more shocking that out of the whopping 18 crores, only 2 crores have been used till date. The remaining amount is still lying untouched in the related bank account. The reports are also suggesting that Sonu Sood has also piled up another 2. 1 crores from foreign donations. Sonu Sood has accumulated the amount through unsecured loans and the money is used to buy properties and other investments were made too. The total amount of unaccounted money of Sonu Sood and his associates are around a hefty amount of 20 crores. Sonu Sood has recently reacted to this news by sharing a post on his social media account. The actor has said that he does not need to tell his side of story as time will tell his side. Sonu Sood, in his statement has revealed that every rupee in his account is awaiting to be used to save a precious life or a needy being.

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