Another alleged audio PM Imran Khan’s call leak with UNKNOWN woman

two sex audio leaks from the former Pakistani prime minister.

Imran Khan can be heard having an “adul*t conversation” with a woman in the viral call recording.

Imran Khan, a former Pakistani prime minister, is once more in the news for all the wrong reasons. Imran Khan can be heard having lewd conversations with an unidentified woman over the phone, according to reports in Pakistani media. The alleged call recording viral has shocked the Islamic country. According to reports, Imran Khan can be heard having an “adul*t conversation” with a woman in the call recording that was viral. The first publication of Imran Khan’s call recordings was made on a Pakistani journalist named Syed Ali Haider’s YouTube channel.

In both audios, various women can be heard. On social media, it is claimed that an audio contains a former female MP. The PTI, led by Imran Khan, is said to be in talks with a female MP. She is a member of the Central Committee, which speaks to her position within the PTI. Imran is talking to this woman about having se*x. This audio is an outdated story. Imran Khan requests a woman to come to him again in the second audio clip, but the woman responds that she is unable to come.

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What’s happening in Audio Viral 4 mint 50 Sec?

In the recording, the woman also uses Imran Khan’s name. “Imran Khan, what have you made of me,” she asks. I can’t come; I’m in pain. When Imran starts pressing for this, the woman told him to return the following day. Imran responds by saying that as a result, he will have to alter his entire plan. He also mentioned that his kids will be joining him. This audio is thought to be recent because Imran’s sons Suleman and Qasim recently visited Pakistan.

Imran Khan’s audio went viral in Pakistan

After hearing this audio, it is clear that Imran Khan’s opponents in Pakistan have a chance to pin him down. Imran’s audio had previously gained popularity. But that audio had nothing to do with any se*x chat and was instead political. Shahbaz Sharif, the prime minister of Pakistan, had viral audio before Imran. In this audio clip from his Prime Minister’s Office, he discusses the political cost of purchasing equipment from India.

The audio is from Pakistan’s PMO office, according to a few Pakistani news websites. In addition, Pakistani journalists claim that Imran Khan was observed having an intimate conversation with a woman. Imran Khan has changed into Emraan Hashmi in the alleged se*x call viral, a Pakistani journalist by the name of Naila Inayat wrote on Twitter.

Retd Major Gaurav Arya, a defense analyst, wrote on his Twitter account, “A Pakistani sent me a video from the Syed Ali Haider Official YouTube channel, which is run by a journalist in Pakistan. The most recent video purports to include an audio clip of @ImranKhanPTI speaking with two women.”

Netizens respond to the viral of an Imran Khan call

Following the alleged viral of Imran Khan’s call recording, online users started expressing their opinions in various ways on Twitter.

“Where the hell is the link?” Dibakar Dutta composed.


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