Anna and Lucy Decinque Twins walk with their baby dolls

Lucy Decinque and Anna The identical twins stroll with the baby dolls.

twins that are similar People were horrified as Anna and Lucy strolled with baby dolls after disclosing their infertility efforts.

The Australian twins Anna and Lucy Decinque appeared on the most recent Extreme Sisters episode of TLC and gave updates on their relationship with longtime boyfriend Ben.

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The couple admitted that since last year, their goal has been to overcome challenges in order to “get pregnant together at the same time.”

Dr. Joo Teoh, a fertility expert, told the 35-year-olds that their chances of becoming pregnant at the same time were about one in 36.

They told the customers, “We had some trouble trying to get pregnant so this [the baby doll] is the next best thing.”

One person replied, “This seems a little odd to me; it’s a relationship between two sisters I’ve never seen before.”
The unbreakable couple was engaged to Ben Byrne, but Australian law prevents them from getting married there because of restrictions.

If it were possible, Anna and Lucy would marry Ben because he is their soulmate, best friend, and “rock.” This was stated in the first season.

“There shouldn’t be a law; it’s completely unfair, and we feel as though we are being judged, but we will be looking to travel abroad to celebrate our love with one another.

Ben treats us equally and will never kiss Anna instead of me; this has been the case since the beginning of our relationship, so there has never been any jealousy in our union.

It has been equal and is genuinely true love.

Lucy and Anna Decinque Twins who are identical stroll with baby dolls

Lucy and Anna Decinque Twins who are identical stroll with baby dolls

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