Angelina Jolie opens up about media pitting women against each other in Hollywood

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Hollywood’s leading lady Angelina Jolie has reigned over the industry for an extended period but that has not stopped her for cheering on for other women who share the spotlight with her.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 44-year-old ‘Maleficent’ actor along with Elle Fanning and Michelle Pfeiffer got candid about how the media is always stern on pitting women against each other.

“There’s so much that [is just] natural. The older a woman grows, there’s that maternal desire to nurture,” said Jolie.

“Especially when you’re on set, or you’re in any situation, you want to nurture. You want to look after your colleagues or the people who are younger onset. It’s fun,” she went on.

“There’s this stigma of, ‘If you guys work together there’s jealousy on set,’ and it’s just so not true,” Elle added.

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