Allegedly Actress Hira Mani Leaked Video

Allegedly Actress Hira Mani Leaked Video

Hira Mani Leaked video went viral on social media? Many social media users are sharing few Screenshots from alleged leaked video of Pakistani Actress Hira Mani. But what are the facts behind that viral video? Watch alleged Hira Mani Leaked video and facts.

The leaked video shows a woman revealing herself while filming herself using her mobile-phone camera. It seems that the video was captured inside a gym.

All tough The woman in alleged video is quite resembling to Pakistani actress Hira Mani.

However, after running a reverse image search on Yandex browser against the Screenshots of alleged video, we found similar video was published on several websites with the title which shows her a Spanish woman. Which proves that the viral video of Hira Mani is false and the woman in the viral video is not Hira Mani.

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