After making a statement on Twitter, Antonio Brown discusses his hotel pool incident in Dubai.

Antonio Brown talks about his incident at the hotel pool in Dubai after posting a statement on Twitter.

The infamous NFL player Antonio Brown went off on Twitter on Saturday in response to an exclusive Post article about him flaunting himself in front of guests at a posh Dubai hotel.

“I find it strange that even after I retire, there is misinformation coming out about me,” the troubled Pro Bowl wide receiver wrote.

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Ironically, this is taking place at a time when the NFL is coming under fire for allowing players to play while clearly in pain. Test subjects have included black men.

On May 14, Brown pushed his bare buttocks into the face of a shocked woman at the outdoor pool of the Armani Hotel Dubai. Then he whipped his penis in her direction after lifting it out of the water.

The woman initially laughed it off, but as seen in a video obtained by The Post, she quickly swam away to avoid the contentious gridiron great.

Brown, however, argued that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

“They use me every chance they get to deflect attention away from themselves. She can be seen running off with my swim trunks in the video, he tweeted. The headlines would read, “AB having a wild night with a nud*e female,” if the roles were reversed. However, when it’s me, it immediately qualifies as a hate crime.

Two witnesses who saw the end of the tape told The Washington Post that Brown repeatedly exposed his priva*tes while yelling at the woman, “You want it?”

The woman reportedly displayed signs of being extremely agitated before being overheard ranting and discussing the incident with others inside the hotel, according to the sources.

Brown, a free agent for the NFL and aspiring rapper, travelled to the United Arab Emirates to watch his friend, former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., compete in an exhibition match in Abu Dhabi and give a performance as the boxer entered the ring.

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