Adrian Sina (Akcent) Share his interpretation of ‘Pawrihorihai’ Viral Video

Adrian Sina (Akcent) Share his interpretation of 'Pawrihorihai' Viral Video

As the memes about the video “#Pawrihorihai”, our social networking feed continues, the Romanian singer Akcent also jumped the car and recreated the viral video.

The vocalist of the Romanian Music Act Adrian Claudiu Sînă shared his interpretation of “#Pawrihorihai” on the Twitter micro-blog site. Kamalia’s singer is heard saying;

“Hi, I’m Akcent, Yeh Baraf Ha, or Mai Pawrii Kara Huu”.

He could not shoot his ‘R’ right to enunciate accurately ‘Pawri’, but this makes it more entertaining to see. Akcent lately has been really involved with Pakistani fanatics. He sharing setbacks from enjoying ‘fantastic tea’, to wear the national dress of Pakistan, at least half of it.

Akcent has gained generalized popularity in Pakistan since his first tour of the country about seven years ago. Foreign musicians were even performed in Peshawar, Pakistan, marking the inclusion of the city on the Global Act tour of foreign music.

The vocalist, Adrain Claudiu Sînă is interested in suspending a claim on the Pakistan entertainment scene. He has expressed his love in wanting to return to Pakistan to host more concerts.

Recently, he even offered to create a new season of Pakistan Super Leaga (PSL6) 6 of season 6 after the current song was strongly trolled online and served as meme material.
Adrian Sina (Akcent)
Maybe another Hymn PSL6 could do it. Maybe not this time, but the PSL administration can maintain this destined for the PSL7 hymn.

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