Actress Sajal Aly Dismisses Divorce Gossip

Actress Sajal Aly

Many reports about Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir’s unhappy marriage spread on multiple social media platforms. There were rumours that the couple would break up.

However, the Alif actress dismisses all speculation without revealing anything.

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Sajal took to her Instagram post and shared a PDA-filled photo with her best half while wearing a mask, indicating that the couple is happy together and is not divorcing.

Examine it out!

Actress Sajal Aly

Previously, Sajal posted several upsetting stories on her Instagram, which she later deleted, leading people to suspect that the pair was divorcing.

The reports were of home wreckers and bad criminals who constantly wanted to tear up people’s relationships.
Actress Sajal Aly

Actress Sajal Aly

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