Actress Saba Qamar Marry With Azeem Khan Soon

Saba Qamar Marry

Who is Azeem Khan? He is an Australian-Pakistani entrepreneur from Karachi but is currently based in Sydney.
Actress Saba Qamar Marry
Saba Qamar while giving an interview confirmed that she will tie the knot with azeem khan

“Yes, I have found the person I’d like to settle down with,” Saba told in an interview. “If everything goes well, I will be tying the knot very soon.”

The actress of Baaghi said that Azeem Khan has changed his opinion on relationships and marriage.

“Obviously, it is strange for someone like me – who has always discouraged relationships and has been vocal against the institution of marriage but here was someone who I got along with and was able to convince me otherwise,”

she shared.

However, Actress Saba Qamar, revealed the date of the wedding or anything related to his marriage.

“I know it’s a little sudden and premature right now but all I want my fans and followers to do is pray for my better life and wellbeing,” the actor urged.

The Digest Writer actress also spoke about her past relationships and told that she was single since 2011.

“I have been single since 2011 but that breakup was life-changing. The notion of love and romance these days is so flawed that it isn’t even worth considering. It’s a shame.”

“I have been single and it has been quite a fulfilling journey,” Saba remarked. “People have the impression that there’s a cue of suitors waiting to take me away but that isn’t true. I wish it was the case, but that’s painting too rosy a picture of my life.”

Earlier, the news of Saba Qamar’s marriage with Azeem Khan made waves all over social media and fans were very excited to get an official announcement about this.

Actress Saba Qamar Marry

Actress Saba Qamar Marry

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