Actress Saba Qamar Defends Azeem Khan after a Woman Accuses

Saba Qamar, Pakistan’s most famous star, also came out in defence of her beau, Azeem Khan, after a woman accused him of abuse.
A Saba Qamar fan recently accused her future husband Azeem Khan of rape and death threats from her Instagram posts.
In response to the accusations, Azeem Khan posted a special video message on his official Instagram account.

Azeem Khan had previously denied the accusations raised against him, writing,

“This is my response to the accusers. Now report against me and post that report on social media.”

He said,

“From today onwards, I will not answer any of your allegations unless you speak to me in a regular and orderly manner.” ‘

Though social media users supported Azeem Khan’s response, his future wife, actress Saba Qamar, was not far behind.

Saba Qamar commented on Azeem Khan’s message, saying, “I trust you,” with a heart emoji.

Saba Qamar Marriage

It should be noted that Saba Qamar recently announced her engagement to Azeem Khan.

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