Actress Amna Ilyas Heavily Criticized For Her New Video

Actress Amna Ilyas

Amna Ilyas is a model and actress noted for her bold and fearless attitude.

The Baaji actress recently posted a new video to her Instagram account in which she can be heard saying “se**xy” to a friend. However, while the video was created for entertainment purposes, netizens did not enjoy it at all.

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Social media users chastised Amna for creating such an indecent film, with one netizen writing,

“Imagine if a (male) actor made a video like this with two children. One is a geek, and the other is intelligent. And the actor referring to the clever one as “se**xy.” Consider the ramifications!!! ”

Another person remarked, sarcastically,
“It’s a good idea to share in Ramzan.”
Previously, a model-turned-actress wanted to make a satirical video about the COVID-19 vaccine, which is a sensitive topic nowadays, and was chastised by netizens for hurting their feelings.

Here’s What Netizens Had to Say:

What Netizens Had to Say

One of the internet users wrote:

“For you, everything is a joke. Someone is high on their horses, or it may be the weed.”

Another person chastised her by saying,
What’s wrong with her? She didn’t need to become zumbi just to get recognition. Do a good job instead.”

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