Aamir Liaquat Bashes PTI Leaders Over Insufficient Funds Amidst Crisis

Aamir Liaquat Bashes PTI Leaders Over Insufficient Funds Amidst Crisis

With the coronavirus spreading like wildfire in Pakistan, the incumbent government seems to be struggling to cope with it. However, analyzing the chaotic situation, PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat recently thrashed his party’s leadership.

PTI’s Aamir Liaquat lashes out at his own party on insufficient funds
There’s no doubt that the Sindh government is doing an exceptional job as compared to the federal government. Emphasizing on the same issue, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI)’s Aamir Liaquat Hussain called the negligence a ‘cry for help’.

Currently, circulating on social media, the video of Aamir Liaquat is raising some very serious questions on the performance of the federal government. Speaking on the insufficient funds to help fight coronavirus and provide basic necessities to the poor, Liaquat then went onto bash his party leadership for maltreating and abusing him.

”People abuse me on social media”
Calling it an alarming situation, Aamir Liaquat asserted, ”Ye bari khaufnaak surat e haal hai. Ab bhi agar grant ka elaan nahin hua aur ab bhi paisay nahin diye gaye tou mujhe tou yahan par afra tafreeh nazar arahi hai. Mujhe lag raha hai ke log gharon main nahin bethengay, bahar nikal aayengay.”

(This is an alarming situation. If the government still didn’t allocate the grant, it can have severe consequences. What I believe is that people won’t sit at home and will be out on the streets soon).
”Main roz keh rha hun. Mujhe social media par gaaliyan parni shuru ho jati hain. Main agar koi baat samjha raha hun, main agar koi baat bol raha hun ke isko is tarah se karna chahiye tou nai sun rahay. Gandi gandi gaaliyan de rahay hain.”

(I say it daily. People abuse me on social media. If I tell them something or guide them, they won’t listen. They use filthy language with me), he added. On the shuffling of the selected PTI representatives, Liaquat pointed out the non-serious attitude of his party members.

Only 250 relief bags for each district
”Khususi taur par ye hona chahiye tha ke muntakhib arakeen wahan per bethay hotay. Ab do din se wahan par [Asad Umar] aur [Khusro Bakhtiar] bethay hain. Is se pehle wahan par [Hafeez Sheikh] aur [Ali Zafar] bethay huay thay. Ab masla ye hai ke aap muntakhib arakeen se poochengay tou wo bataengay na.”

(Especially, it should be that the elected representatives are should be on their positions. From the last two days, [Asad Umar] and [Khusro Bakhtiar] are sitting there. Before them, [Hafeez Sheikh] and [Ali Zafar] was there. The thing is that if you’ll ask the elected ones, then only they will tell), he maintained.

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