A First Look of Aurat March Poster At This Year

A First Look of Aurat March Poster At This Year

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The organizers of Aurat March revealed the poster for March of this year and the theme is the “women’s health crisis”.

The poster was shared on the official instagram of the Aurat March Lahore.
Addressing the current, the designer of the poster, Shehzil Malik, said: “Learn more about the women’s health crisis, I contacted a friend who works in the public health sector and It helped me in research. ”

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“I like to search before I draw something, especially if it’s for the Aurat Mars or if he has something to do with Pakistan women in general,” she added.

As for the works of art, Shehzil said: “I did not want to describe the suffering women to suffer, but rather to imagine a new reality where their health and well-being is a priority.”

She added that the initial sketches were all about the things happening in the women’s bodies and these sketches gave an impression that there is something wrong.

Shehzil wanted to show that an unhealthy environment that does not support or prioritize women’s health does not concern them.

Answer a question about why Aurat’s posters walking earn attention, “she said,” If people are irritated during posters, it’s good, because it helps to start a Conversation around toxic patriarchal standards. ”

The march should take place on March 8, the International Women’s Day.

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