54years, Anchor Junaid Saleem and 36years, Murad Saeed Video Viral on Social Media

Junaid Saleem, Murad Saeed's Video Goes Viral - Download Link

Journalist Junaid Saleem Video: Junaid Saleem, a well-known journalist with three decades of experience, a former anchor for @HasbeHaal and @DunyaNews, and a vlogger with a huge following of 37.7K, has recently become involved in controve*rsy. The viral MMS video purportedly featuring Murad Saeed on social media infuriated their followers.

The indecent video of anchor Junaid Saleem went viral.

Junaid Saleem responded to the controversy by outlining her version of events in a letter. She wrote that she intended to complain about a private video that had gained widespread attention on social media. The video was shared, so it says there.

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The unnatural and unethical relationship between PTI leader Murad Saeed and anchor Junaid Saleem is the subject of rumors. Bilal Ghauri provides specifics.

Video of Murad Saeed and anchor Junaid Saleem going viral – download link

Two hours after it was posted, the video already existed. Her best efforts, though, couldn’t stop the video from going viral on social media. Many people have experienced emotional upheaval as a result of the controversy surrounding Junaid Saleem’s popular video.

A video showing s3x acts between Murad Saeed and Junaid Saleem was allegedly leaked. Some social media journalists claimed to have seen the video. These assertions are false, though.

Junaid Saleem: Who Is He?

a journalist with three decades of experience, a former anchor for @DunyaNews, @HasbeHaal, a vlogger, and an analyst.

After receiving criticism for the obscene video he made with Murad Saeed, Junaid Saleem

Since yesterday, there have been rumors on social media that Junaid Salim and Murad Saeed’s pornographic videos went viral. Junaid Salim reacted angrily to this and said, “I knew full well that the mafia I challenged would throw dirt on me. Murad Saeed is a very valuable young man, according to Junaid Salim, and his life is in danger because, at his lone hint, the entire KP can leave.


Junaid Saleem and Murad Saeed’s Video Goes Viral on Social Media, Download Link

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