39years, Brazilian model Denise Rocha Viral Video & Photos on Social Media

Brazilian model Denise Rocha, 39, has gone viral on social media.

Brazilian model, attorney, and former parliamentary advisor Denise Rocha are best known for finishing in second place on the sixth season of the reality series A Fazenda, which Rede Record aired in 2013. In 2012, she appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine.

Denise Rocha poses topless for a s3xy motorcycle photoshoot

Denise Rocha poses topless for a sexy motorcycle photo shoot

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Pulses raced as a lawyer who called herself “too hot to date” posed topless on a motorcycle.

For the intense session, Denise Rocha, a.k.a. “CPI Hurricane,” stripped off her clothes.

She only wore a slinky thong, nipp*le covers, and knee-high black boots while posing.

The blonde beauty complained about experiencing “prejudice for being hot” back in March after making a profile on OnlyFans.

She also stated that she is sapiosexual, which means that she is attracted to intelligent people.

Although the creator of the adul*t video claimed that she has always been drawn to smart men, some might accuse her of being “too good-looking.”

When the model posed virtually nak*ed on a motorbike last week, it garnered a lot of attention.

Denise Rocha displayed her amazing cleavage and stunning curves while flaunting her figure in knickers.

She sprawled brashly across a motorbike, becoming risqué for the pictures as she prepared to start her engine.

She wasn’t afraid to flaunt her body in front of fans because she was only wearing a small thong and breast covers to cover her parts.

Since she uploaded the pictures, more than 20,000 people have liked them and some have commented.

Does your mother know you came to the world to quicken men’s hearts, someone remarked.

Someone else continued, “Woman, I’m going to have a heart attack.”

“Too wonderful – you are a spectacle,” chimed in a third.

She said, “I’ve always enjoyed committing myself to a novel experience, and this theme, regrettably, still involves many taboos.

“That needs to change. In order to contribute to this change, I want to better understand.*

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