31 Year, Tiktok Star Hareem Shah Colgate Toothpaste Full Viral Video Trending on Twitter, Reddit

viral Hareem Shah Colgate video with high-resolution tooth paste

Today, social media users post thousands of viral scandals on various social networking sites, such as Twitter and TikTok, and almost always, such content sparks controve*rsy in some way that makes it difficult to move past the discussion. Similar news has recently surfaced on Twitter from Pakistan. A well-known content creator and social media influencer named “Hareen Shah tiktoker” shared content that generated controversy while she was holding her toothpaste, and as soon as viewers saw the video, their outraged reactions hit the roof. You can find more updates and unconfirmed information below.

According to insider reports or sources, hardly a day would have passed after the video was posted to social networking sites before countless reactions started making headlines to a degree that no one could have even imagined. Because there have been countless searches on the appropriate keyword because nobody wants to be ignorant of anything, especially when something contentious is still on the verge of completely blowing everyone’s minds. Numerous users are searching every social media platform to find the video for this reason.

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Tooth Paste Video with Hareem Shah?

According to reports, ever since Hareen Shah posted the video on social networking sites, she has experienced a severe backlash in a way that she never could have anticipated. Almost everyone has reportedly expressed their outrage at the actions she committed in the video when she was holding toothpaste, and some people have even said that if someone doesn’t know anything about the situation, they shouldn’t say anything because it could drag them into the controversy.


Users claim that she made the video and posted it without doing any research on the product because it is simple to make a video, but once it sparks controve*rsy, it becomes more difficult to quell the public debate. This is because everything in the video makes it clear that she is promoting the paste rather than everyone’s preferred option.

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