A 3 year old girl in the struggle “life and death” after being R-A-P-E-D

A 3 year old girl in the struggle "life and death" after being R-A-P-E-D

A 3 year old girl was left in a struggle for life and death after being raped in the Dadu de Dadu region of Shahabad Mohalla.

According to the report, the victim is the daughter of a worker who has been admitted to the Critical Civil Civil Hospital, while the police immediately stopped rape.

The Principal Superintendent of the Police (SSP) Dadu Ijaz Ahmed, who came to learn about the well-being of the victim, told reporters that an 18-year-old boy violated the 3 year old girl.

When the mother of the victim saw his daughter soaked in the blood, she heard him crying and rushed to the house of the home officer (Sho) of the female police station, Benazir Jamali.

The SSP said the sho took the girl in the gynecology room of the hospital.

He stated that the police questioned the accused at the police station B and if his accomplices were also involved in this heinous crime, they would also be arrested and that justice would be provided to the victim’s family.

On the other hand, the gynecologist Dr. Irfana Pirzado confirmed in the initial medical report that the daughter was raped and said that his body bleached abundantly and that his condition is still unsure.

Earlier last month, a 7 year old girl was raped and killed in the Khairpur District of the province of Sind.

The girl’s father stated that her daughter had went to the shop in the evening to pick up goods from housework, but she later returned her body.

The girl was then autofayed by the police, who also confirmed that she had been strangled to death after being raped.

Previously, a woman in the Kashmore district of Sindh was deceived to give him a job and his young girl was raped, which took irritated the people.

A police officer used his daughter as a pawn to stop the culprits of the incident, which was well received across the country.

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