24 years, Catherine Martinez was killed by her husband Russell Neal after being beaten and stabbed.

Five Startling Details About Catherine Martinez's Tragic Death

Fitness model Catherine Martinez, who was just starting out, passed away suddenly in July 2014. Former R&B singer Russell Neal, the woman’s husband, told the police that he and his wife had gotten into a fight and that she needed medical care.

Catherine was discovered to be dead and covered in a blanket when police were called to their Houston apartment. The death of Catherine Martinez was the subject of the following five shocking revelations.

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On June 28, 2014, Catherine’s mom saw her last.

Before Catherine left her home on June 28, 2014, Catherine’s mother last saw her alive. A few days later, Russell Neal surrendered to Houston police and made suggestions that he might have murdered his wife. He claimed that they had a fight and that Catherine required medical care.

Catherine Martinez was discovered with blunt force trauma and stabbing wounds.

Russell was arrested by the police after making his confession, and he remained silent while even requesting a lawyer. Authorities discovered Catherine dead on the living room floor when they forced open the door to their apartment. Later reports confirmed that she had suffered multiple stab wounds as well as head trauma from a blunt object.

Her Two Young Sons Were in the Residence When the Murder Took Place.

Russell Neal and Catherine Martinez shared two young sons, and they were present when the murder took place. Raphael and Diego, two boys who are 3 and 5 years old, respectively, were in a different room during the attack.

Catherine’s family asserts that one of the sons saw blood on Russell’s shoes as he exited the room during the altercation, but Russell claimed that the stains were caused by ketchup. Glenda Lewis, Catherine’s sister, revealed that the incident has traumatized the kids, with one of them having nightmares.

Catherine was the victim of Russell Neal’s abuse, and her family was aware of it.

According to Catherine’s family, Russell allegedly beat his wife; there are bruises and scratches all over her body. They also disclosed that due to her husband’s financial difficulties, Catherine had to take on the role of the family’s sole provider. She even covered up the bruises with makeup.

Russell Neal was found unfit to testify in Catherine’s slaying.

Russell Neal started referring to himself as Jesus Christ after being imprisoned and was subsequently admitted to a mental facility for therapy. Despite claims by the authorities that he was aware of his actions when he killed Catherine, the Harris County Court ruled after a year that he was mentally unfit and unable to stand trial.

The Verdict

Catherine Martinez’s passing was tragic and still affects her family and friends today. Russell Neal was deemed unfit to stand trial, so the case has remained open.

The Killing Game, the brand-new episode of Death by Fame, promises to provide additional details about what happened inside the Houston apartment on that critical day in 2014. I pray for peace for Catherine’s soul and for her family to receive justice.

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