22 tourists die in Murree snow after becoming stuck in their cars

22 tourists die in Murree snow after becoming stuck in their cars

At least 22 individuals died of cold after being left in their cars in Murree after a snowfall on Friday night, according to Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed and rescue personnel on Saturday.

Mothers, children, and groups of friends died while waiting to be saved.

Murree has been dubbed “the tourist cemetery” by SAMAA TV. The incident is being shown live on television from several locations across Murree.

Several vehicles are still stuck in the snow as the rescue attempt continues into the night. It has been halted owing to darkness and a lack of power.

Another blizzard is predicted for Saturday night, according to the weather service.

This week, the hill station was filled with tourists who came to see the rare snowfall. The authorities banned visitors from entering the Murree and Galiyat districts last night. Except in cases of severe need, they were not permitted to travel beyond Satra Meel Toll Plaza.

Tourists attempted to reach Murree by two roads: the ancient Rawalpindi-Murree Road and the Murree Expressway, as well as one from Abbottabad.

On Friday evening, there were reports of delays on all highways going to Murree. Sheikh Rasheed was the first to confirm the killings, which were reported Saturday morning.

Rasheed stated that 23,000 vehicles were brought back on Saturday, and that another 1,000 cars were stranded in the snow. He also stated that heavy gear has been dispatched to clean the roads.

According to statistics, approximately 140,000 cars entered Murree this week.

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