19 years, Student Tripty Rahman with English Teacher Mahir Asef Pulok at Rajuk Uttara Model College Video

Rajuk Uttara College Video Controversy Explained

A video of a teacher and a student from Rajuk Uttara College that went viral was about two people who attended the same college. Unusual screenshots and videos frequently become popular online in cyberspace.

This video is therefore not an exception. There are activities in this video that have been flagged as illegal. The video features two characters, one of whom is a Rajuk teacher and the other a pupil. The Rajuk Uttara Model College is where the teacher and student in the video both attend.

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viral Bengali teacher and student video from Rajuk Uttara College

On all social media sites, this video has received a lot of shares. The city has been abuzz about this lately. The general public issued a statement insisting that the student be held accountable for the viral video that sparked numerous controve*rsies.

In this article, the complexity that this video drew will be covered. The reader will be guided through this article’s road maps, which reveal information about the controversy, police investigation, and public response. Entering the article now. A student and her male teacher were the subjects of the video.

Viral Video with Student, Tripti Rahman and English Teacher Mahir Asef Pulok

Both people are seen in the video performing intima*te acts that they later posted online. Tripti Rahman has been identified as a female student. Mahir Asef Pulok might be the male teacher. Since it depicts an unsuitable relationship between a teacher and a student, the video has riled up viewers.

Full viral video of Tripti Rahman and Teacher, Mahir Asef Pulok

The student gave her consent to acting in private while taking pictures with her male staff. After seeing this, the public continued to post unfavorable comments on various social media platforms. Since this is happening between a student and the teacher, this video will undoubtedly shock the public.

Viral Video Download Link for Rajuk Uttara College

Although there are numerous videos like this one posted on social media, this one has gained attention because it features students and staff. The fact that this video transgresses moral and professional standards has led to it being called a scandal. When the video shot is finished with this content,

Explained: The Rajuk Uttara College Student and Teacher Video Scanda*l

However, when the screenshots of their conversation were made public, the controve*rsies took a serious turn. It made the fire even more noxious. All of the discussion centered on a confidential meeting. Due to the controve*rsy, strict regulations to maintain a proper distance between staff and students have now begun.

Viral Bangali Rajuk Uttara Model Video

The conversation has now been switched to the stop where many people are talking about the safety of the female students. Questions about students being used unfairly and manipulatively have been brought to light as a result of the viral nature of the conversation. Since the video is marked NS*FW (not a safe work scene), it is not recommended that you watch it.

Viral Video with Mahir and 19 years, Student Tripty Rahman

One’s mental peace will be disturbed by this video. It is believed that the bond between a teacher and student is sacred. Such news reports and videos will desecrate our tradition and the sacredness of the teacher-student relationship. Therefore, it is suggested that this generation make wise use of their freedom.

Rajuk Uttara College Teacher And Student Viral Video Link

Rajuk Uttara College Teacher And Student Viral Video Link

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